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Village and Beyond Trekking

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

The trek starts point at Taman Sari Buwana, Tunjuk village where the area still virgin from tourist activities. After self preparation you will then lead to trek to Subak Kelasem, where you can enjoy rice field panorama with metekap activity (plow over using two cows) by local farmers From Subak Kelasem you will trek toward to Subak Babakan by passing through a small river and an holy temple. A different panorama of rice field with blue mountain back ground could be enjoyed from this area. Walking along the rice field you will see a subak temple where usually farmers offer an offering as thanksgiving to the rice God, Dewi Sri. Incase by chance you see this activity; you may get involve with them. From Subak Babakan you will continue the trek to water dam.

The trek will pass through coconut plantation where a local will show a coconut tree climbing attraction. Young coconut drink is served here as refreshment. After enjoying the water dam surrounding then you will continue the trek by walking along a riverside until reaching pig farming. You may ask some questions to the staff there. Just few steps from the pig farming there is a Hindu cemetery located. Your walking will pass on that cemetery.

A different view of rice field with coconut trees back ground could be enjoyed from end of cemetery till reaching end side of the Beng Village. Then you will walk along the village while enjoy the village atmosphere and activities. Reaching the other side of village, you may get involve with a Balinese family in making offering and jajan (Balinese rice cake). A traditional set menu lunch is served with a Balinese family before of your trek at Taman Sari Buwana.

Price : US$ 77.00 / pax.

With English Speaking Local Guide